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Experience iSkool & LETS - Our School's ERP & Learning Systems


Enable your students to learn effectively by offering them your credible course materials.


Enable your students to learn effectively by offering them your credible course materials.


Enable your instructors to prepare teaching materials for students, encouraging them to expand their teaching horizons.


LETSHow does LETS enhance the learning adventure?

Learn, Evaluate & Teach System (LETS) is a learning management system based on world famous Moodle platform. It helps educators create online learning material with a focus on interaction and collaborative learning. It enhances existing classroom based teaching by providing 24/7 access to learning material, lectures, assignments and exams. You can customise the system based on your institution policies and guidelines to match your needs.

Innovation meets Education


Create Online Learning Material


Interactive & Collaborative Learning


Enhanced Classroom & Teaching

iSKOOLStarting off with iSKOOL

School Administration and Parent-Student Support via Cloud Software.
What does iSKOOL do?
iSKOOL is an interactive online system for managing schools and information. It simplifies school tasks with just a few clicks. We can even create a personalized solution using iSKOOL to fit your school's requirements.
What makes iSKOOL the right choice?
iSKOOL provides a single platform for all your school management needs. It's not just our easy-to-use interface and fast response time that sets us apart; we're dedicated to assisting with your IT requirements and ensuring the security of your important data.
iSKOOL in a Nutshell
iSKOOL is an interactive online system for school management and information that simplifies school tasks, making management effortless. We can also create a personalized solution based on iSKOOL to match your school's specific needs.

THE iSKOOL ADVANTAGESmart software that supports the growth of Schools and Colleges.

Make smarter decisions with iSKOOL's advanced data management.

iSKOOL empowers users with a diverse range of 200+ functions, thoughtfully grouped into multiple modules for ease of use. You gain access to 31 core modules, addressing the fundamental needs of educational institutions, while staying up-to-date for creating a thriving and enduring learning environment.

iSKOOL decreases your school's admin costs by 50% and minimizes paper filing by 75%.
iSKOOL's design ensures a high level of security, which can be customized to suit your needs.
The user experience in iSKOOL is intentionally built to actively engage students, teachers, and parents, resulting in heightened customer loyalty.
Unlimited users are supported in all our plans, allowing your institution to grow without rising subscription expenses.

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